People benefit from positive contact
& emotional connection with others.

My name is William (Bill) Ward

I work with individuals, couples, and families

I am an advanced level emotionally focused couples therapist, EMDR practitioner and trauma therapist specializing in working with individuals with substance abuse and sexually compulsive behavioral issues and their loved ones.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, 100349

Transform your Relationships

EFT is proven successful in 90% of couples with a 75 % report improved relationship 2 years after treatment…
Family Therapy
I am a certified Multidimensional Family Therapist supporting families in reducing conflict through proven strategies for instilling trust, connection, and improved communication…
By developing a stronger sense of who we are and how we communicate, and listen, we begin to experience a greater sense of connection and purpose in our lives…
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Located in Berkeley

762 Gilman Street, Berkeley, CA 94710

Open Tue-Fri, by appointment only

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